When your journey feels a little stressed and haulted it is usually because you may be holding onto energy that no longer serves you. Emotionally we carry so many things that we forget to release, which then cause blockages in our quest to move forward.

If you feel a little stuffy, or just want to try something new and see how it can help your anxiety of things, then come along and try a reiki healing session.

Jagz Kaur | Reiki Healer

*Please note payments are non-refundable*

The best way to know if it works, is to read what Jagz' clients think...

Clients feedback

She's your healer

Jagz Kaur has been a spiritual healer for many years and has helped enhance the paths of many people who have come to her for both reiki healing and readings. Give her a call and see if she can help you too.

Jagz Kaur