This collection has been designed in honour of a wonderful, strong, loving and adorable young woman, who lost her life unexpectidely after a long journey of dialysis following renal failure at the age of just 26.

At 37, she was however, blessed with a ground-breaking kidney transplant after 11 years of dialysis, but sadly suffered a heart attack out of the blue, and passed away unexpectedly at the very young age of 38, leaving behind her, greatly adored 13 year old daughter.

It was following all of this heartache and loss, that some years later, her daughter found the strength to turn this tragedy around and make it into a more positive and life-changing shine of light as she wanted to keep her Mum's amazing legacy alive. So she decided to single-handedly, design, brand, create and package a wonderful collection of gifts that symbolised all of the qualities and values that her Mum had instilled into her from a very young age and through their short life-time spent together. It was from all of this, that "The Wisdom Angels" took flight.

Her Mum's simple values were "to love with an open heart, to believe in yourself and to always chase your biggest dreams until they are achieved".

So we hope you are just as inspired from having found this collection and reading this story, as she was in creating it. They say "everything happens for a reason"...


The daughter & creator

She's the designer who wanted to inspire the world to smile, even when life can feel a little dull she wants to help keep the faith
that the sun will shine again someday.

Jagz Kaur

The founder & creator of
The Wisdom Angels collection, whose life story inspired her to create something wonderful in memory of the woman who taught her the greatest gift in life...
the art of "belief".