The Trimmings matter to us.

Everything we produce, we do so with love...

Our collection has not only been designed from a truly inspiring story, but all of our products are treated with the same due care and attention of lve and value,  before they reach you. Why not share your experience

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All our gifts have been hand-crafted or painted. 


Ribbons & Bows

Each item has been packaged with ribbons & bows by hand.


Hand folded & wrapped

All of our clothing has been hand folded and wrapped with care.


Gift bag

To finish off the order, we supply a gift bag that you


Hand-folded & wrapped, complete with ribbons and bows.
Our babywear comes ready-wrapped in cellophane bags, to protect the garment as it travels on its journey from us to you.

All gifts come with a branded gift bag, so that what we send you is ready to go, on arrival.


We deliver it just the way we would hope to receive a gift ourselves.